Bytepushers revisited

New website for Singapore movers & makers

A few years ago, we picked the brains of a variety of digital creatives in Singapore, aiming to inspire a new generation of digital makers. Now finally, we’ve given them the online platform they deserve.

Between October 2017 and March 2018, we interviewed a variety of digital creatives and entrepreneurs in Singapore, aiming to inspire a new generation of creatives. We chose people who push the digital envelope; we were not only interested in well-established professionals, but also in aspiring creatives who had just started their professional career.

Our focus with bytepushers

Bytepushers targets movers & makers who operate predominantly in the digital realm. Since we got the chance to interview some local heros and creatives with an interesting story to share, we did occasionally shift away from the purely digital to include other creative realms such as furniture making, graphic design, or copywriting.

A few topics we cover in the interviews

This was highly dependent on the interviewee – industry, type of company, and role all helped to define the topics we discussed during the interview. However, you can expect to find content about the following topics: design patterns, creative coding, entrepreneurship, user experience, and future outlook.

Why we did this

It’s a simple win-win really; everyone gets to learn something by listening to these bytepushers. Anyone can grow and learn with the right resources, the right advice, in the right circumstances. Bytepushers give you information and inspiration to help you get started in the (digital) creative field.

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